27 Jul 2012Lisa Davis - Gold CoastI dont trust any car dealers - full stop.
My Accountant Allan Pinkerton asked me to call Chris the car nut and I am so glad!
The car I wanted, one owner, under a 100,000 k/m & in beautfull condition.
Thank you sooo much - it is a pleasure to know & trust you. Deposited the monies even without seeing the car first.

The car nut - great service.
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How & Why Does Our Business Work?

Chris Bowles - The Car Nut

Whether you are looking for a New or Used motor vehicle, just one call to us and we will go to work for you. We work iwith a huge Dealer Network Australia Wide, Dealer Only Auctions, New & Used Motor Dealers, which means we have access to literally hundreds & hundreds of new & used vehicles across Australia.

From Family cars to Prestige and Sports Cars to Commercial Vehicles.

Just one call to the Car Nut who does it all!

The BENEFITS to you in this BUSY WORLD are that you don't leave your seat, waste your precious TIME & MONEY, you don't have to be an  EXPERT or a MECHANICAL ENGINEER or even have READY CASH to purchase your vehicle.

Once you have discussed your needs or wishes, we will keep in touch with you every step of the way.

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, its service will have been completed and been detailed to our high standards. But well before that takes place, we have carried out many checks such as, if there is monies still owing on the vehicle, are there any signs that the vehicle has been involved in a major accident or has the vehicle been in water (flood or river etc)

All your on road costs (inc: servicing/detailing/accessories/extra warranties) will be discussed with you, to ensure YOU ARE KEPT UP TO SPEED.


All you have to do is to drive it & enjoy!

Our Mission Statement

Chris Bowles - The Car NutWhen our clients are happy & receive trustworthy, honest value for money service, they tell others who tell others who in turn tell others also of our unique One Stop Car Boutique & The Car Nut!

Any car worries - Then never fear Chris The Car Nut is here!

Company Portrayal

It's easy for any one to sell motor vehicles, but very few in the car game build relationships. Because of the unique service both Donna & I strive to provide, our clients become our friends and our friends are the back bone of our  referral system who support a locally owned & operated family business operating since 1975.

It is vitally important to Donna & I that when our clients purchase a vehicle from "Family & Prestige Sales & Service", we want them to feel that they have experienced the "WOW FACTOR". We want them to show off their new or used vehicle to their freinds & family & speak only of good things about us and our service!

Our business is built on building good, strong, long lasting relationships - where our clients becomes our friends and they are happy to help others also!