27 Jul 2012Lisa Davis - Gold CoastI dont trust any car dealers - full stop.
My Accountant Allan Pinkerton asked me to call Chris the car nut and I am so glad!
The car I wanted, one owner, under a 100,000 k/m & in beautfull condition.
Thank you sooo much - it is a pleasure to know & trust you. Deposited the monies even without seeing the car first.

The car nut - great service.
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How Do We Get Paid For Our Service?

New Vehicle Sales

If we were to help you save money on a NEW VEHICLE - there is no charge to you. How does this work? The New Vehicle Dealer/Manufacture pays us a commission of between $75.00-$500.00 (Inc gst) so you don't pay us any finding fee. We aim to save you many hundreds, if not thousands of $$$$$$$$! PLUS saving you TIME & MONEY and we will try to do SPECIAL DEALS like"ADD ONS" eg; tinting, mats, paint & seat protection, tow bars, etc.

Used Vehicle Sales

Depending on the cost of the used vehicle you would like us to find for you, and on its purchase price - a PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY/FINDING fee of between $500 and a $2,500.00 applies. That means you are buying your vehicle at aWHOLESALE COST.

Eg. We locate a vehicle for you that is worth say $20,000, we purchase it for you at $16-17,000. Our fee would be a $1000.00, but we have SAVED you $2-3,000.00 and you don't have to venture into a shark infested car world trying to find the correct vehicle.

Plus, remember we are firstly AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS and for our INTEGRITY and your PEACE OF MIND, the vehicle  will be checked out & a REVS check (no finance owing) completed. PEACE OF MIND! Wow!

Warrentry & Service?

All motor vehicles purchased for our clients are road tested & inspected on the hoist. We then carry out an inspection on your vehicle & for peace of mind your new car comes with a warranty. PLUS we can offer you an EXTENDED 1-5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Do We Carry Out A Free Vehicle Check-up?

Yes! We check AND report on:

  • Signs for any accident damage/repairs/corrosion
  • Under body/Engine/Transmission/Diff oil leaks, suspension, brakes, CV shafts etc
  • Possible speedo meter wind backs?
  • Possible flood or water damage?


Upgrade or Downsize! If you are unsure of what your vehicle is worth or how to get the best price, then we are happy to discuss the best option with you. Just one call.

Stock We Carry?

We only carry a small quantity of the BEST OF THE TRADE-INS for re-sale. These vehicles have a good service history & have been mechanically inspected and come with a warranty.

Where Do We Get Our Business From?

We only work through a  REFERRAL SYSTEM. That means some one who tells some one else, who tells some one else, who keeps telling other also, of our UNIQUE CAR BUYING & SERVICING operation! SINCE 1975!

Finance & Insurance?

We can arrange Finance & Insurance immediately for your new or used vehicle. We can usually beat the banks rates! Have finance organized & approved in
less than 4 hours & arrange to have your new car protected with Insuarance at the best price!