27 Jul 2012Lisa Davis - Gold CoastI dont trust any car dealers - full stop.
My Accountant Allan Pinkerton asked me to call Chris the car nut and I am so glad!
The car I wanted, one owner, under a 100,000 k/m & in beautfull condition.
Thank you sooo much - it is a pleasure to know & trust you. Deposited the monies even without seeing the car first.

The car nut - great service.
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Service & Repair Centre - One Stop Car Boutique

Chris Bowles - The Car Nut

We are one of the few service centres in Australia who put our clients on a "PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME". What does that mean?

We discuss with you assisting you to understand your motor vehicle and get you INVOLVED in a SERVICING / MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME that will benefit you by not only SAVING huge repair costs $$$$ -  but allowing you to get maximum ENJOYMENT from your machine!

90% of vehicles sold end up coming back to us for regular servicing. So not only do we help people get the right vehicle, but we care & look after their vehicle after the sale! This is very important to us!

Phill Fisher heads our service centre & is an experienced Automotive Engineer. His EXPERIENCE COVERS - Mechanical / Repairs / Servicing / Electronics / Hydrualics / Welding and Fabrication. Wow! THATS IMPRESSIVE!

We service & repair new & used vehicles (Including new car warranty)

New & Used Vehicle Servicing & Repairs:

  • Engines & Transmissions
  • Performance Tuning & Modifications
  • Electronic Computor Diagnostics
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Exhaust Systems & Modifications
  • Alloy Mag Wheels & Tyre Packages
  • Panel Beating & Spray Painting
  • Computor Code Scaning & Up-Grades
  • Alarms & Immobalizers
  • CD Sound Systems
  • TV/GPS/Navigation Systems
  • Reverse Park Cameras
  • Windcreens & Tinting
  • Detailing
  • Modifications to suit you!
  • Remote Key Re-Programing



One Stop Car Boutique!

Never fear 'cause chris the car nut is here!